Ancient Mound
22° 00' 00'' N, 70° 50' 00'' E

Cultural Assemblage: Microlithic, Harappan, Late Harappan, Transition phase Lustrous Red ware, Medieval

Report published: IAR 1953-54, Page No: 7-8, IAR 1954-55, Page No: 11-12

A per-microlithic horizon with Middle Stone Age tools have been noticed in the river section. The excavated site at Rangpur yield a two fold sequence having microlithic Stone Age tools in period I. Period II has three sub-periods showing mature Harappan culture in IA and its devolution in phases IB and IC. The excavation has yielded Harappan pottery, house-plans, copper celts and pins, agate weights, shell and copper bangles and rings.