Jain Temples
21° 21' 19.43'' N, 72° 01' 59.59'' E


Talaja is called in Sanskrit as Talugiri near the mouth of the Setrunji River it is pilgrimage of the Jaina and has three Jain Temples. The place is said to have derived its name from Talavdaitya, who is said to have reigned here, hence the hill is called Tadavgini. The Sumatinath Temple is the oldest enclosed with a Prakara wall with subsidiary shrines. The present temple was built by a Seth or Jaina of Radhanpur and completed in 1814. On the top of the tekri or hill is another temple with a four faced or Chaumukha image of Rishabhanath, the first of 24 trithankaras, erected in 1820. The third temple is assigned to Parasavnath. The present Parasavnath temple is made of white marble containing Mukhamandapa, Mandapa and garbhagriha. The Shikhara over the garbhagriha is of Rekha nagara style, whereas Mandapa is roofed by dome with Kalash on the top.