Archaeological Museum, Lothal
22° 31' 21.68'' N, 72° 14' 55.87'' E

The Archaeological Museum at Lothal was setup in 1976 to display the artefacts recovered from the excavation conducted from 1952 to 1961 at ancient mound of Lothal. This Museum has three galleries. In the front gallery is depicted an artist's conjectural idea of Harappan town of Lothal, in addition to an introductory write-ups and maps about the site. The gallery at the left side showcases beads, terracotta ornaments, replicas of seal and sealings, shell and ivory objects, copper and bronze objects, tools and potteries yielded from excavations. The gallery at right displays game objects, animal and human figurines, weights, painted potteries, objects recovered from burials and ritual objects, miniature potteries, bricks besides a replica of a joint burial and a scaled down model of Lothal site. Out of 5089 objects unearthed from excavations, 800 are put on display in the Museum.Apart from the exhibited antiquities, there are other antiquities such as beads, unicorn seals, sealing with Persian Gulf type seal, gold necklace copper / bronze fish hooks, bangles, terracotta bull, horse, model boat, model of mummy, ivory scale and shell compass,dice, and so on so forth. In addition, there is a good collection of pottery including dish-on-stand, perforated jar, and an interesting small jar painted with the stories of thirsty crow and cunning fox, etc. The Museum also has asmall Reference Library, and Publications Counter for selling departmental publications.

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 5:00 PM (Closed on Friday)

Entrance Fees: Rs. 5/- per head (Children Up to the age of 15 years are free)